Al-Achwan | About
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Al-Achwan was established in Jakarta 2005 by Alwan Altarom with registered business name : Al-wan. The business initially started out as small sarong and bedsheet store based in Jakarta until gradually expanded and decided to focus the product line on Kurta / Baju Koko for men in 2005. (Baju Koko Al-Wan)


Al-Achwan currently selling wholesale kurtas in one of the biggest wholesale market in south east asia : Pasar Blok A Tanah Abang, with steady and rapid growth that the business currently have, Al-Achwan extensively exploring bigger market through online. This new business direction is the reason for Al-Achwan to rebranding their business with a fresh look for the upcoming season.


Al-Achwan showcasing new product with more affordable price, trendy, varieties, better quality and size optionals. This Association is a reflection of Al-Achwan’s business product.


Enjoy shopping with us!